ANMIGA, which stands for The National Articulation of Indigenous Women Ancestral Warriors, represents a powerful union of Indigenous women from diverse ecosystems across Brazil. These women share their knowledge and traditions, bound together by a common struggle to mobilize and safeguard the rights and lives of Indigenous peoples. ANMIGA represents a collective of Indigenous women who possess a profound connection to the Earth, as the very roots of Brazil trace back to them, emerging from the Earth's womb and their ancestral heritage. The essence of Brazil's identity is Indigenous, and it has never existed nor will ever exist without the Indigenous peoples. ANMIGA comprises of women deeply rooted in their culture, serving as a national symbol of unity, dialogue, and strength for all women, whether inside or outside Indigenous territories.

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Regia is delighted to unveil our collaboration with ANMIGA, and as part of this partnership, we will contribute 10% of our sales to support their cause. Your purchase and donation play a crucial role in empowering indigenous women in Brazil. Thank you for your valuable support.

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