About Regia

Alice Negrão

Born in the Amazon and transplanted into the concrete jungle of New York City, our founder Alice Negrao is the one who brings Regia to life. As a native of the Amazon, she has deep gratitude for life, family, love, and Mother Earth.
Alice's inspiration to create Regia comes from the richness of her home, the abundant shades of green, the wild animals, the vivid colors, the flow of the rivers, the distinctive smells, and the folklore of her tribe - everything is an inspiration and a reason to create.
Alice prioritizes sustainability for Regia by consciously selecting fabrics, packaging materials, manufacturing practices, and everything in between.
It is part of our mission to be a sustainable brand and we are well on our way. Our fabrics are made from recycled plastics, our packaging is 100% biodegradable and made from corn powder, and our unique tags contain hundreds of seeds that can be planted in the Earth to sprout into wildflowers.
This is just the beginning of the positive impact we promise to make. 
The power of Alice Negrao's spirit is fully integrated into the story of Regia which helps transport people from around the world to the lungs of planet Earth, and to inspire them to commit to healthier lifestyles through fitness and environmental awareness.
Honoring our roots means honoring our rainforest. Our founder, Alice, is proud to be from the Mura village. The Mura people are connected to the Amazonas, Madeira and Purus rivers.
Present in the Madeira river since the 18th century, the Mura people were first described as a village of navigators, dominating the river paths and living near water. During the flood period, they lived  on their vessels and settled at the rivers’ beaches during summer.
Since the 70’s, the Mura village has fought for the official recognition and preservation of their territory. Trapped between mining companies and farmers, they also struggle with fires, pollution, deforestation, and governmental neglect. Their economy is not for profit, but for their subsistence. The way the Mura honor and take pride in their ethnicity is our inspiration.